January 8, 2015

Happy New Year 2015 Celebration

This will be the first post of mine 2015. Happy New Year everyone! Here is mine short write up "How I'm welcoming the new year-2015 with my friends". This year, we decided to go Auto-City. Maybe probably because it quite near our house and we heard that last year celebration was really awesome too. I would like to thanks Kok Hwa and Wei Kean for accompany me for welcoming this awesome year-2015.

Actually, Jia Zhi was at Auto-City too but he accompany his half and friends so we never met! No worries we still got a lot chances to meet again. I still remember that you want to treat me for FOODS. So I will looking forward for that.

I still remember the last day of 2014 (December 31), I still working on that day till quite a late evening. It same to my friends too. We reach our destination around 8 something. The parking lots is quite occupy when we reach there and guess is our lucky day and we manage to get too.

The first time we reach our destination is walk around and then we hunting for foods. On that time, we trying my best to call, Jia Zhi for having foods too together but his phone was unable to reach ( probably too many people calling) .

After that, we decided to go OldTown White Coffee, Auto-City. Can you believe that we really reserved the table?
Outside of the OldTown White Coffee
Reserved table at OldTown White Coffee

Time for us to order foods. I forget what I have order actually but somehow it really taste nice and we all quite enjoy too.

Our foods! It seems the table did not enough for us to put.
Our desserts!
After awhile, maybe probably we really hungry and we really eat with "Fast and the Furious Speed" till nothing is left inside.

Nothing is left!

After awhile, we going to the near the stage there for countdown 2015. While the time we reach there, it already crowded with peoples.

It this consider crowded?
This year I been told that Auto-City will not have fireworks for welcoming 2015 but the environment still really awesome. As usual, I do a lot nonsense stuff there such as screaming, shouting, random chatting with peoples and selfie, welfie and so on too.

51 seconds to go for NEW YEAR-2015
This is my welfie, got pass?
This is another welfie by my friends Kok Hwa.
We really have a lot of ideas (stupid, crap, awesome and so on) to do when we meet together. Maybe we quite open minded to do something that is not ordinary. This time, we using normal camera to take welfie.

This is how me and my friends welcoming our 2015! After that we went for our 2nd round foods ( *This time I really forget to take picture*) How about you guys celebrating yours 2015? * A New Year, A New Begin of the Chapter).