January 18, 2015

Introduction of Florist, LavieFlo, Petaling Jaya

Greeting everyone! I feel that this year, 2015 is really awesome. Probably because there are a lot of news almost everyday that I wanted to share to everyone that looking through my webpage. Lets be honest in this post, I was browsing though the Internet to scout for flowers for someone special. I did admit that I really like her.

I chanced upon this florist, LavieFlo that offered awesome arrangement. I never heard about flower that has been preserved. Not only that, the flowers able to last around 6 to 12 months. I was reading through all about their information on here

Lavie Website.
For me, I would be wonderful if I obtain a beautiful bouquet flowers that are lasting and comes with a reasonable. Surely, this recipient of my bouquet will be happy because "a think of beauty is a joy forever". That's what flower are for... to get joy.

My bouquet of flower
I was truly enhanced when I saw this bouquet that been send to my house. It comes with packaging that I was not expecting. As the picture shows, it is pretty, height and most important of all, the flowers were preserved. As I mention, the flowers could last for 6 to 12 months.

Besides roses, they have a wide variety for your choice. I tried to open the packaging, it was welcome by a flow of very fragrant roses. 

The look of the flowers without editing
After a few day, the flower still in good condition without any changes. The price *for this bouquet*? is really worth what I paid for. I wish to recommend this florist to those who are really interested in buying value for money flower. In addition, it will be great if you are able to get this type of preserved flowers to declare your everlasting love on Valentine day. Last but not least, this is an unique gifts for anyone regardless of their age, apprentice or even social standing.