January 15, 2015

Wishes this year, 2015

Greeting everyone! I feel that it quite late for me to write up my wishes for this year 2015. Actually my wishes for this year, 2015 are quite simple. 

Wishes for 2015 :-

  • Hope to have a better smartphone ( Currently using Sony- ST23i )
  • Hope able to explore more places in KL and other places.
  • Hope able to hang out and meet more people.
  • Hope able to stay healthy.
  • Hope able to get top 100k Alexa ranking ( Currently Ranking Below 600k)
  • Hope able to get google page rank ( Currently Page Rank : N/A)
  • Hope able to get to know more people

How you think about my wishes? Maybe my wishes will be quite silly and ridiculous too but I believe that I never give up on it, miracle will happen. Of course, I hope that this year I able to be not available instead of available, if you get what I mean.

This might be a simple post and I hope you (the readers) will also set up your targets/ wishes too. Maybe you may think it silly to do those but in the other hands, it really able to brings you to the next level in your career.