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The Entertainer Asia 2015 launch

Greeting everyone! It been awhile that I have used The Entertainer Application. If I not mistaken, I have started used since last year and I influenced some of friend to try too. Most of them quite love the concept and the most important is easy to used (user-friendly).

Mr.Entertainer with me!
If you did not hear before it, no problem. Here is your lucky day. Basically The Entertainer is an platform that " when you purchase 1 and you will entitle 1 as return ". And for some reason, I will that "The Entertainer Application" is really useful and really quite save some of my pocket money. This is because I able to share with my friends when we going to try awesome cuisine such as Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Buffets, Chatime, Ice Skating and so on.

He is waiting someone to take picture with! So CUTE!
I would like to thanks the people in-charging for The Entertainer 2015 to give us really awesome day! If you need more information about this awesome application, do check out here | http://www.marcsjy.com/2014/06/the-entertainer-application.html. Here is some picture that I took using the awesome launching of The Entertainer 2015.

Bmic really give an awesome nail spa treat for us!
Time for the launch of The Entertainer Asia 2015
Guess who is her :P ? She is the lucky winner of the day.
We fie using compact Canon S90 camera during the event. Those girl currently "not available".
Overall, the event is really great and awesome! I hope that you guys will download this awesome application. Not only that, you able to get monthly promotion from The Entertainer too. On that month, you able to keep using the promotion from time to time without any limit. For more information, click here.