February 1, 2015

My first experience using Tripda Carpooling in Malaysia

Not long ago, if you do follow my blog | www.marcsjy.com, I did share about Tripda- Carpooling in Malaysia on http://www.marcsjy.com/2015/01/introduction-of-carpooling-tripda-launch-in-malaysia-delicous-cafe.html | http://bit.ly/TripdaLaunch . Carpooling is quite famous in other international country and this will happen to our country too, Malaysia.
My first experience using Tripda Carpooling in Malaysia
Tripda - Carpooling in Malaysia
Here will be some step-by-step of using Tripda - Carpooling in Malaysia including my experience of using it too. I do try my best to make it as simple as possible about Tripda- Carpooling in Malaysia.
Firstly, it is much more easier if you register using deskop | laptop just visiting their Official Tripda Website on http://www.tripda.com.my/. If you a fans of smartphone you need to download their application on Play Store (for android), here or App Store (for Apple), here.

My first experience using Tripda Carpooling in Malaysia
Tripda Malaysia Official Website
I really hate those website that have a complicated sign-up such as needed to fill in a lot of detail. Usually I will just ignore and close the website. For Tripda - Carpooling in Malaysia, you just need to have a Facebook Account to sign up and not much detail needed to be fill in and it really convenient.

My first experience using Tripda Carpooling in Malaysia
After I sign up on Tripda - Carpooling In Malaysia
After that, there will be TWO option either Offer A Ride | Find A Ride. If you have a car and you able to OFFER A RIDE. If you do not have a car (just like me), you able to FIND A RIDE. I'm really like the user interface of Tripda - Carpooling in Malaysia. There are some advantages of Tripda - Carpooling In Malaysia as below.

My first experience using Tripda Carpooling in Malaysia
Benefits of Tripda - Carpooling in Malaysia
Sometime, I feel quite shy to ask for GET A RIDE | FIND A RIDE from my friend. I feel that as a friend there is not necessary for them to always offer a ride. For example, as you know I'm still studying (APPIT | APU University)  and my college have their own shuttle bus to the nearest LRT. The time for the buses to the destination is every hour that have only 1 bus to the destination. If you miss out the time, you need to wait another hour for that.

So, sometime my friend do offer me a ride without receiving any return and this make me really shy. This is because there is no necessary for them (my friend) to give me a ride right? I'm really want to thanks Tripda - Carpooling In Malaysia for this invention and concept. With Tripda - Carpooling In Malaysia, I'm actually able to get a ride from other | my friend with some token as appreciation | return.

Actually I'm not the type that really like to rely on others. If I always ask a ride | find a ride from my friend, and this will make my friend feel really annoying and something they will try to avoid from me.
My first experience using Tripda Carpooling in Malaysia
Tripda - Carpooling In Malaysia
To use Tripda - Carpooling In Malaysia is quite easy. After you sign up | log in, you just needed to fill in your current location , your destination and follow by when (date). I just make a test up as above so it will be much more easier to be understand.

My first experience using Tripda Carpooling in Malaysia
The result after the searching
After that, the website will load according to your requirement as the photo above. No worry, you able to either FIND A RIDE | OFFER A RIDE for advance(day) too. You able to set up some more advance feature such as TIME, PAX , CAR COMFORT LEVEL and the most important LADIES ONLY. 

Sometime, it is not share for a ladies | female to use carpooling because as we know more driver and guy | male. But Tripda - Carpooling in Malaysia always think about safety of rider and driver. So there will be a EXTRA FEATURE, only LADIES is allow for FIND A RIDE | OFFER A RIDE. If people using fake account (a male) and set up to get only LADIES, feel free to make a report to Tripda - Carpooling in Malaysia on http://www.tripda.com.my/contact-us.

Not only that, you (either driver| rider) will stay anonymous (as in more much detail will be share out including contact number| personal detail and so on). As a driver, you able to either accept or denied the offer from someone while as a rider, you able to choose which driver that you wanted.

My first experience using Tripda Carpooling in Malaysia
Easy step-by-step of using Tripda - Carpooling in Malaysia
If my write-up make you confusing, I do apologizse for that and as return there will be a photo ( on above) that will make a easy understand of how to use Tripda - Carpooling in Malaysia. No worry, if you follow my instagram or facebook timeline, I will post-up some of the photo that is related about this awesome Tripda carpooling in Malaysia.

For latest update and more information about Tripda - Carpooling in Malaysia on https://www.facebook.com/TripdaMalaysia (for their Official Tripda Facebook Website) and http://www.tripda.com.my/ (Official Tripda Malaysia Website) and also http://instagram.com/tripdamy/ ( Official Tripda Malaysia Instagram). Not only that do check out my instagram for more update on Tripda Malaysia in future too.

My first experience using Tripda Carpooling in Malaysia
I guess this called carpooling-fie. It seem like we really enjoying using Tripda!