April 25, 2015

Experience at Buns & Meat Lake Fields Sungai Besi

Not long ago, I have been joining Food Ink again and this time we have choose Buns & Meat as a place for our lunch of the day.

Buns & Meat actually is really near Sungai Besi LRT and this is really convenient for people like me that always travelling from places by places using public transport.

My first impression when I heard about Buns & Meat is the restaurant or this cafe confirm related to burger. If you have a same thoughts for me, then BINGO you are right.
Buns & Meat
This time, we really order quite a number of their dishes for food tasting. I mind be tiny but I could get a lot foods specially foods that really delicious.

Runny Mess Burger- RM 20.90
I really like this burger and I almost eat all of it myself. The Runny Mess Burger is build from a layer of the pork bacon and then topped with a poached egg and last covering with cheesy sauce.

Grilled Chicken Burger with cheese black pepper - RM 16.90
Char Siew Burger - RM 16.90
If you one like char siew, then you must try this burger. For this burger, there will be a pork patty topped with cheese, a sweet roasted char siew, tomato, lettuce and even mayonnaise too. 

Hot Dog with Jalapenos BBQ Slaw - RM 16.90 
If you like something that really easy and plain then I will recommended you this burger. It comes with pork sausage, coleslaw, mustard, jalapeno, fries, and even ham salad.

Grilled Chicken Burger with cheese black pepper - RM 16.90
This is another burger that I really enjoying and I could finish it all by myself. Actually I'm not really like cheese and even mayonnaise but on that day I did enjoy it. There will be a chicken thigh, black pepper sauce, lettuce, fries, pasta and ham salad for this burger.

Hot Dog with Pork Bacon Baked Bean - RM 17.90
This will be a burger that look simple but the taste will really awesome. It comes with a quite long pork sausage, some french fries and also ham salad.

Mac & Cheese Hog Dog - RM 17.90
Do you like macaroni? If you do, then this burger will be best selection of the day. This burger is covering with cheese and topped with crispy bacon.

Spicy Korean Ribs - RM 42.90
For me, I really love to eat ribs. I still able to finish the whole ribs by myself after finishing other dishes. I know that is unbelievable to believe but it really happen. This ribs is quite spicy. When you really have your first bite of this ribs then you confirm wanted to have more of it. 

Alio- Olio with Pork Bacon - RM 16.90
If you wanted to try something different from burger and ribs then this dishes will be the best choice for you. It might be simple but the taste is really awesome till you wanted to have more and more.

Buns & Meat Outlet
Basically, the Buns & Meat will really peak with people. When a restaurant or cafe is really peak with people, that food or cuisine that is serving is really nice or the price is reasonable. All the information about Buns & Meat will be listed below.

  • Outlet Name : Buns & Meat
  • Address : Ground Floor 72A, Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Medan Niaga Tasik Damai, Sungai Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur
  • Contact Number for reservation: 03-9055 3378
  • Business Hours : From Monday - Sunday starting 12:00 pm - 12:00 am
  • Non-Halal
  • Facebook : https://www.foodink.com.my/listing/buns-meat/