May 7, 2015

CO2 Hair & Scalp and also Soda Spa Foam Treatment @ Daisuke Salon De Coiffure, Three Two Square

Nowadays, appearance is really important for both gender. Did you feel that most of us will pay more on our appearance especially towards our hair. In addition, that there a lot and a lot of salon nowadays especially Kuala Lumpur.

For me, I always went to salon like twice in a month. I think my hair grows quite fast too. If you visit Desa Setapak, Wangsa Maju before then you will know how many salon that is available. 

Daisuke Salon De Coiffure, Three Two Square
Since I always visiting salon so I decided to try something new and special. Few week ago, I been to Daisuke Salon De Coiffure, Three Two Square for try out their latest CO2 Hair & Scalp and Soda Spa Foam Treatment. I been told that this treatment is quite famous and well known at Japan! 
Daisuke Salon De Coiffure, Three Two Square
VVIP room at Daisuke Salon De Coiffure, Three Two Square
I quite like the design of this salon, Daisuke Salon De Coiffure, Three Two Square. There will be a special room for people such as muslim for hair dressing at this salon. I think not a lot of salon that will providing this special services.

This is the CO2 tank
The CO2 will connected to the water hose and it will convert and becomes the carbonated water. Then, the employee will put the place the shower head as close to your scalp as possible to make sure that the CO2 water really all over your scalp. After that, they will let your scalp rest before rinsing. 

Time to take selfie while using the Soda Foam Spa on my hair
CO2 also known as carbonated water has been clinically proven to improve blood circulation and deep cleans grease and dirt from follicles. It makes your hair weightlessly silkier and strengthens from root without using any chemical detergents.

In addition, I been told that this CO2 treatment will be highly recommended for people that their hair is damaged and thinning.

This is result when using only CO2 water on my hair without Soda Spa Foam
This is the result after using CO2 water with the Soda Spa Foam
Basically, you can see will that before using the Soda Spa Foam. The result from it is really oily and kinda irritated me. The water from the result really show everything. Even we use shampoo to wash our hair but it still not that clean as we thought.

With the help of the Soda Spa Foam combining with the CO2 water, it really give me miracle. I could not imagine how it works and it really works. The result of the water is so clean and not even oily at all.
Selfie-ing infront of the mirror
It will be a really great treatment and really highly recommended. Moreover, this CO2 able to remedy for oily scalp, repair dry and damaged hair by coloring and permanent and even able to prevent hair loss.
  • Name : Daisuke Salon De Coiffure, Three Two Square 
  • Address : C-25-01, 3 Two Square, No. 2, Jalan 19/1, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
  • Contact Number : 03-7960 0140