Jodoh Sebelah Pintu Now On HyppTV Channel 116

A new show, Jodoh Sebelah Pintu will be exclusively available on HyppTV Channel 116 starting 29 July 2015. More information about HyppTV will be available here.

Jodoh Sebelah Pintu Now On HyppTV Channel 116
(From left to right) Erwin dawson, Kamal Adli, Emma Maembong and Lia  Natalia
Jodoh Sebelah Pintu will exclusively live on 29 July 2015 on HyppTV Channel 116. This shows will be only broadcast on every Wednesday and also Thursday starting 9pm. You able to watch Emma Maembong, Kamal Adli, Lia Natalia, Azhan Rani and many more artist in Jodoh Sebelah Pintu.

Jodoh Sebelah Pintu
After the death of her fiancé, Mona had a trauma and giving up on her love life, leaving to her parents to decide on her marriage, without knowing that her parents is setting her up with a future husband, her neighbour who she hate most.