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Travel Around Places Around Malaysia with Traveloka

It's August and my birthday is around the corner. Wohoooooo! I really love to travel all around the places that I never been before. How about you guys? Honestly, there are a lot places that I never really like spend time there and also capturing photo as well. 

So, I hope I able to grab this chances to go travel around and write up more post on it so that I able to share to others as well as memories too. I'm been staying at Kuala Lumpur almost 2 years and I never been really staying hotel there yet.

On my thought, there is a lot of hotels around Kuala Lumpur and it will be quite a difficult to find all the hotels name, locations, rating and pricing as well too. Time to do some research on Internet ( and I found out that that really suit me. All the information that I needed is there and the interface/layout is user-friendly (easy to use) too.
Setting up date and place with interface 

I do like because I able to set the date that I'm going to book and it able to show the costs on that particular date.
Looking through hotel around Kuala Lumpur with
I never been staying on 4-star and 5-star series hotel and of course I'm will to grab this opportunity to look through before doing any decision. The best about is there able to filter by our own requirement.
The final result on my requirement 
There will be price off when you look through hotels using Not only that, there will be a rating for hotel too.
The information of the hotel
All the information that I needed such as hotels photos, descriptionsmain facilities, hotel facilities, nearby attractions, room type, price , user reviews and others information can be get easily on
One of the information that available on the page of the hotel
I feel that site is quite good and that why I'm writing up this blog post to share with other too. Time for me to do survey for my coming vacation.

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