October 15, 2015

New drama series - Maria Terindah On HyppTV Channel 116

Another new drama series "Maria Terindah" will be available starting 5 October 2015 at HyppSensasi (HyppTV Channel 116).
Maria Terindah by Filmscape Sdn Bhd #marcsjy #mariaterindah #HyppTV
New drama series - Maria Terindah On HyppTV Channel 116
You able to watch your favourite local actors such as Shahz Jaszle, Sharifah Sakinah, Redza Rosli, Shakila Koriri, Anwar Mokles, Ben Amir, Zika Xiandra and many more in this drama series, Maria TerindahIn addition, Fakhrul Razi handled to sing the drama theme song "Sakit Hati Sampai Mati".

Storyline of the Maria Terindah

Aris met his wife, Maria during his trip from Terengganu to Mulu National Park with his bestfriend Fahad. The newlyweds live happily and Maria try her best to be “the perfect wife” to her husband, Aris. Suddently, she goes missing and Aris tries to track her down but failed. One day he meet Indah, who have striking resemblance of her missing wife, Maria.  Aris approach Indah and try to investigate her background eventough Indah informed him that she does not know Maria. Who is Indah? What happen to Maria? Can Aris able to find answers for his quest?

Official trailer of the Maria Terindah

Interested to know more? Then you should stay tune starting 5th October 2015 every Monday & Tuesday at 9.00pm on HyppSensasi, HyppTV Channel 116. Click here for more of your favourite celebrities photo.