March 26, 2016

World Oral Health Day 2016

In conjunction with World Oral Health Day 2016, Philips is collaborating with the World Dental Federation (FDI) to actively promote the importance of good oral health and spread awareness of its impact on a person’s overall health. Themed ‘It all starts here. Healthy mouth. Healthy body.’ this year, the World Oral Health Day is celebrated on 20 March every year, and sees the participation of more than a million dentists around the world.
World Oral Health Day 2016 collaboration with philips and world dental federation (FDI)
(From left) Chung Ngan Leng, Marketing Manager for Health & Wellness, Philips Malaysia and dentist Dr Halina Haron during the​ media session​ at Halina Dental Clinic

This year - World Oral Health Day 2016 theme is offering us the opportunity to engage with dental professionals and members the public to highlight the far reaching impact of oral healthcare. "We want to remind Malaysians that brushing and flossing can do much more than give you a nice smile and pleasant breath. We will be sharing tips and offering guidance on how to make simple changes in our daily regime that can have a big impact, to help Malaysians achieve a healthy smile and a healthier body. In line with Philips’ aim to improve lives through meaningful product innovation, Philips’ range of Sonicare oral healthcare products were designed to help people achieve good oral health with minimum hassle,” said Muhammad Ali Jaleel, Country Manager for Philips Malaysia.

Did you know that according to the research by the our Ministry of Health indicates that as many as 98.3% of Malaysians do not have sufficient oral healthcare with 94% of them having gum problems. For sure ,Malaysians need to know that gum disease can have an impact on their general health.
World Oral Health Day 2016 collaboration with philips and world dental federation (FDI)
Dr Halina explaining the risks of poor oral health and its impact on our overall health
Do take note that oral care is compulsory for everyone to have good oral health. Brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day is a good start for achieving good oral health. In addition, 90% of dental problems usually arise from the accumulation of plaque between the teeth.

As conclusion, brushing your teeth effectively is a must for removing as much plaque as possible. "There’s no better time to start improving our oral healthcare than now!"