March 30, 2016

Experience using SeeSo (씨소) - Fancam app for music lovers

If you music lover and then you should download SeeSo  application to your smartphone. SeeSo is a fancam application. Really appreciate Kelly Chin for introducing me this awesome application.

SeeSo - Fancam app for music lovers
'SeeSo' is a compound of the words 'See' and 'Saw'. SeeSo also reduces the information asymmetry between event-goers and event-missers by sharing videos with tag and locations. This is the unique value of SeeSo.
Main page of the SeeSo application after log in
The best about SeeSo is using hastag (#) as the search engine. Nowadays, hastag really useful as it is unique and convenient for tracking and searching purpose. For example, I do miss out any event like the Video Game Live concert (#VGLKL), then I just use the official hastag of the event, (#VGLKL) for tracking. 
Using SeeSo application to search about the #VGLKL 
SeeSo is mainly focus on music, dance, arts and even entertainment. If you love Korean music, bands, entertainment and dance then you should not miss out this application ! Moreover, this application, SeeSo is free on App Store ( iOS user ) and Google Play ( android user ).
My SeeSo Account : Marc Soon ! 
Android User : Download
iOS User : Download 

For more information about this awesome application SeeSo, please do check out the following links below:-

Official Website: