March 23, 2016

HyppTV Latest Drama Series - Jom Kahwin

The awesome drama series ‘Jom Kahwin’ will premiere on HyppSensasi HD (HyppTV Channel 116) starting 11 March 2016, every Friday at 9.00 pm. 

This drama series 'Jom Kahwin' directed by Khabir Bhatia and Norhanisham Muhamad, and produced by Filmscape Sdn Bhd exclusively for HyppTV.

HyppTV Latest Drama Series - Jom Kahwin
The actor and actress for the drama series - Jom Kahwin
The drama series features Keith Foo and Reen Rahim as the main casts. ‘Jom Kahwin’ takes viewers to the life of a local farmer in a village living with his three siblings who lost their parents in the tsunami. Adam (played by Keith Foo) is the eldest sibling who takes care of his three younger brothers Chad (Bil Azali), Baim (Jaslin Puasa), and Daniel (Nadzmi Adhwa). To earn a living, the four brothers quit school and decided to work as farmers instead. Separated from the modern world, they grew up as uneducated young men living without parental guidance and spent more time with their farm animals. Wanting to change their way of living, Adam then decided to find an ideal housewife for him who will also become a big sister to his brothers.

The channel can be purchased via ala-carte at RM9 per month or as part of HyppTV’s Aneka Pack channel offerings for RM30 per month. In addtion, this channel will also features a two (2) hours time-shift as well as seven (7) days catch-up functions for your viewing convenience.