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Interesting Events & Festival in Malacca ( Malaysia )

Malaysia is unique because of its diversity of races, religions and cultures, the stability of the country and many places of interests. 
Interesting Events & Festival in Malacca ( Malaysia )
Malaysia is a multiracial country with a rich cultural heritage. Unique to Malaysia is the 'Open House' concept where during the various cultural and religious festival like Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Gawai Day and many more, where friends and families and even strangers would visit the homes of those who are celebrating the festival, to wish them well and enjoy the feast prepared by the hosts. 

Moreover, Malacca (English) / Melaka (Malay) is one of the places you should be visited in Malaysia. *Short History * Malacca is a small, friendly city that with many eye-catching sights and attractive modern establishments. It is easy to go around on foot or trishaw to explore the many places that make Malacca unique.

Throughout the year, we (Malaysian) celebrate alot different festival in Malaysia especially for Malacca. This make visiting Malacca during the year is always interesting, as you can participate and enjoy those many festivals.

On January - Malacca / Melaka Kite Festival
Interesting Events & Festival in Malacca ( Malaysia )
Kite Festival (source image.google.com)
Malacca Kite Festivals is a festival in which the local people of Malacca proudly shows their beautiful kites on air, with many huge and overwhelmingly awesome kites flown by hundreds of people. You should snap some photos as well as participate for this awesome festival.

On April - Tomb Sweeping Festivals
Interesting Events & Festival in Malacca ( Malaysia )
Tomb Sweeping Festival (source image.google.com)
This Tomb Sweeping Festivals is a traditional Chinese annual activities in which they clean their ancestors’ graves as a symbol of respect and grace. For this festival, you can find most of the Malacca’s local Chinese community head together to the cemetery at Bukit China or other burial grounds to clean up the graves, tidy the plots, light the candles, and bum incenses with food offerings to their deceased ones.

*Note that this festival is quite a religious ones, so make sure to be respectful and quiet when you’re on the festival. Also be prepared for a lot of tears due to the smoke produced from all the incenses and candles burnt there.* 

On the last Weekend of May - Sikh Commemoration of Sant Baba Sohan Singh Ji
Interesting Events & Festival in Malacca ( Malaysia )
Sikh Commemoration of Sant Baba Sohan Singh Ji (source gurdwarasahimelaka.net)
This festival is more towards religious. At the last weekend of May, the Sikhs in Melaka and even from all over the world congregate in a Sikh Temple in Melaka located in Jalan Temenggong for three days to pay respect to their former-priest- turn-saint, Sant Baba Sohan Singh Ji.

*Visitors are usually allowed to observe and also served vegetarian food, but as usual, this is a religious activities so follow the rules and common practices (advise: be respectful).*

*During July till August - Idul Fitri
Interesting Events & Festival in Malacca ( Malaysia )
Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri ( source image.google.com)
Idul Fitri is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. Idul Fitri is an Islamic festival commemorating Prophet Muhammad’s journey from Mecca to Medina. 

Do ask around anyone during this month so that you able to know when the exact day of the festival. For this festival, the Muslims, they using the moon calendar, you can easily know when it will be held as this is the big day for Muslims.

*Special note* The festival is both crowded and fun, with many tasty foods like kurma/korma sold. There’s usually also a prayers and lectures held in local mosques.
Interesting Events & Festival in Malacca ( Malaysia )
In short, Malaysia is unique that it has diversity of races, religions and cultures, a stable and peaceful environment, places of interest and some internal achievements. Those are important characteristic of our nation. It is rich of cultural heritage; it would be worth to play a visit here specially Malacca / Melaka. Just go to www.traveloka.com or other platform to book your ticket now.