June 2, 2016

11street Collaboration For The Latest Lebaran Luster Collection

On 30 May 2016, 11street (www.11street.my), one of the the largest online marketplaces in Malaysia, unveils 'LEBARAN LUSTER' collaboration collections with the awesome and amazing talent local designers, Syomir Izwa, Ruzz Gahara, VARIANTE and also Adam Liew. The ‘Lebaran Luster’ collection will be exclusively available starting from May 20 2016 until July 31 2016.
Lebaran Luster Exclusive Collection 
‘Lebaran Luster’ caters to all kind of styles and with all sizes available from modern batik, French chic to classic elegance, bringing forth variety and range to its customers with the designer collaborations from the likes of Syomir Izwa, Ruzz Gahara, VARIANTE and Adam Liew.
Lebaran Collection - Gupta PLUS by Syomir Izwa
Syomir Izwa believes in creating pieces which celebrate women of different shapes and sizes thus introducing his plus-size line, Gupta PLUS. Being famous for his modern timeless pieces and luxe designs, Gupta PLUS is specially crafted and will debut as part of 11street’s ‘Lebaran Luster’ 2016 collection and will exclusively be available on 11street.
Lebaran Collection - Gilded Syawal by Ruzz Gahara
To add a dash of Malaysian flavour in 11street’s ‘Lebaran Luster’ collection, the e-mall which offers a plethora of fashion indulgences, collaborates with Ruzz Gahara for some unique and beautiful hand-painted batik ensembles with custom prints. Ruzz’s designs combine local flavour to modern design which have been making waves in the fashion industry.
Lebaran Collection - GlamoRaya by VARIANTE
As the very definition of elegance, 11street is proud to present its 2016 Raya collection, GlamoRaya by VARIANTE. The outfits will be available at VARIANTE’s Bangsar boutique for customers to try on but will be sold exclusively on 11street. VARIANTE always has its unique mix of style for those who want something more for themselves and does not shy away from stylish trends, and this collection is no exception.
Lebaran Collection - French Kiss by Adam Liew (Melbourne)
Being a part of the exquisite Raya collection by 11street is none other than Adam Liew, an emerging Melbourne based fashion designer who melds fashion, culture and art in his designs. Focused on timelessness, uniqueness and modern elegance, Adam Liew created garments that will absolutely indulge customers with his out-of- the-box “French Kiss Raya Collection”.

Official Lebaran Luster Collections Video
For more information about the exclusive ‘Lebaran Luster’ collection, please visit 11street Official Lebaran Luster Collection.