The Ultimate Broadband Plan Checklist

As Malaysians, it seems that we are a nation that loves our Internet access almost as much as we love nasi lemak. And just like how you can easily find nasi lemak almost everywhere in our country, Malaysia has a broadband penetration ratio of 91.7% per 100 inhabitants in Malaysia. On the contrary to what some of our local ministers may say, us Malaysians do want a faster broadband plan and are willing to invest in it! (Just like us adding extra telur goreng to our nasi lemak.)
Internet Broadband
Yet one of the key factors that holds Malaysians back from getting the kick-ass broadband plan they deserve is that they don’t even know where or what to start looking out for! And if that describes how you’re feeling right now, what you need is a crash course in how to get yourself the best broadband plan for you.

#1 Fixed or Mobile Broadband

First up on your checklist is what type of broadband plan you want. Do you want one that is tied to a fixed line like DSL or fibre-optic broadband or mobile Internet that goes wherever you go that runs on 3G or 4G mobile data? Be sure to choose one that best suits your needs, *for example, there is no point to getting a fixed line broadband plan if you are always travelling or working on the go.*

#2 Availability of Coverage

While some may argue that this item on the list should come first, it goes without saying that you should always check both #1 and #2 BEFORE you even sign any paperwork with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). This is especially true for mobile broadband plans, so always make sure you check the coverage first! However, lack of coverage also affects fixed line broadband plans. For example, TIME offers 100% fibre-optic broadband at 100MBps only in selected areas throughout Malaysia.

#3 Data Speeds

A very common question many of us is, “How fast should our Internet connection be?” If you are someone with family members who constantly downloads movies, stream videos or play online games, you’ll definitely want a faster connection to share with them. For those who use the Internet less frequently, go for an entry-level broadband plan instead.

Bear in mind that broadband plans like UniFi offer asymmetrical speeds which means your download speeds and upload speeds are different (For example. UniFi Advance 50MB Plan: D/L 50Mbps, U/L 20MBps). Others like TIME and Maxis offer symmetrical speeds which mean that both downloads and uploads operate at the same speed.

#4 Internet Quota and Usage

Be honest and ask yourself how much Internet do you actually use in a month? If you are a heavy Internet user, try to get a broadband plan like UniFi that offers you unlimited Internet quota. Because even if you had a faster plan that throttles the speeds after you’ve exceeded the quota, you may end up paying more for additional Internet quota. However, if you are disciplined and can control your data usage and resist purchasing more Internet quota, why not?

# Value for Money

Last but not least, find out what perks come with your broadband plan! Do they offer you a free boost to higher data speeds every month? Do you get free calls to your smartphone’s mobile network operator? Or does come with tons of IPTV channels which can keep you entertained for hours on end? These are just some of the perks you should be looking out for.

Exercise your power as a consumer and make sure you get the best value for money possible! And if you want even easier way for you to compare broadband plans, check out this free tool at All of the market research is already done and all you have to do is start picking out and comparing the best broadband plan today!