February 19, 2017

Benefit of GrabShare for Rider and Driver

Grab, the leading ride-hailing platform in Southeast Asia, announced the regional launch of the GrabShare. GrabShare, the company's first on-demand commercial carpooling service with the introduction in Malaysia and also Philippines.
Benefit of GrabShare for Rider and Driver
Benefit of GrabShare for Rider and Driver
Benefits of GrabShare to rider

    • Cheaper Fares

    GrabShare fares are priced up to 30 percent cheaper than GrabCar Economy fares. Fares are fixed and displayed upfront. With Grab’s dynamic pricing model that balances supply and demand, passengers enjoy cheaper rides during non-peak hours when more available drivers are on the road.

    • Ride with a friend

    In the spirit of sharing, passengers can travel together a friend. To keep the ride comfortable for all, passengers can only bring one other friend per GrabShare booking.

    • Maximum two-stop guarantee

    Passengers can expect no more than two stops before reaching their destinations. This ensures everyone reaches their locations fast for less. Drivers will wait up to three minutes for each passenger at pick-ups.

    • Instant booking

    Passengers can book a GrabShare ride on-demand from anywhere, at any time and enjoy socialising with fellow commuters on the ride.

    • Ride with peace of mind

    Grab’s Group Personal Accident Insurance covers all passengers in the event of an accident. The total personal accident benefits for the driver or passengers can be up to USD10,000 per person in Malaysia. (Each incident will be evaluated individually by the insurance providers and coverage amount differs across markets.)

    Benefit of GrabShare for Rider and Driver
    Benefits of GrabShare to drivers

    • Higher earnings

    Drivers can complete two different passenger bookings in one ride to receive higher combined fares with every GrabShare trip.

    • Similar trip routes

    Every GrabShare match is designed to minimise additional distance travelled, reducing fuel consumption and time spent on a GrabShare trip.

    Download the Grab app today from the App Store and Google Play to experience GrabShare. For more information, please visit https://www.grab.com/my/share/