April 16, 2017

Uber Application partnership with National Council For The Blind, Malaysia (NCBM)

The Uber application was built to expand access to safe, affordable and reliable transportation options for all, including riders with visual impairments and other disabilities. 

For this time, Uber are committed to continuing to build solutions that support everyone’s ability to easily move around their communities. That’s why Uber are proud to partner with the National Council For The Blind, Malaysia (NCBM) to help empower blind riders with the choice to travel independently, with just a touch of a button!

Through this partnership, Uber will work closely with NCBM to provide free rides to their members and organise special training sessions for driver-partners on how better to serve blind riders. We will also work with the NCBM to educate blind riders on how easy it is to use the Uber application
On the Road with Matt Simpson | Uber

Here’s how Uber’s application works to increase the mobility, efficiency, and independence of transportation for riders who are blind or have low vision with features and capabilities like:

  • Integration with smartphone accessibility options for the blind

Whether it’s VoiceOver iOS, TalkBack on Android, or even other wireless braille display compatibility, the Uber app makes it easier for riders who are blind to get from A to B at the push of a button.
  • Cashless payments

Uber’s cashless payment option simplifies the payment process, reducing the need for riders who are blind or low vision to worry about counting out cash payments or exchanging bills with a driver.
  • On-Demand transportation

The Uber app makes it easier for riders with disabilities to get from A to B at the push of a button. With the Uber app, riders who are blind or low vision no longer have to prearrange rides through a dispatcher or resort to other, less convenient, means of hailing a ride.
  • Real-time GPS

Uber uses GPS to map and follow every trip in real time
This gives riders peace-of-mind knowing that efficient routes are being utilized, and help eliminates the risk of fraud.
  • Equal Access for All

Every trip request you make is automatically matched to a nearby driver by the Uber app, reducing opportunities for discrimination to interfere with the process of securing reliable, affordable transportation. 
  • Share your ETA and location

Riders who are blind or low vision can easily share their ride details, including the specific route and estimated time of arrival, with friends or family for extra peace of mind. Friends or family members will receive a link where they can find out in real time the name and photo of the driver, the vehicle, and track where you are on the map until you arrive at your destination —  all without downloading the Uber app.

If you have yet to use the Uber services, you should give it a try now. You can download the app via Android or Apple Store or even download onto your computer at www.uber.com today.