June 28, 2018

Latest EMUI 8.0 Update for HUAWEI Nova Lite, Nova 2 Plus and P10 Lite Users by Power-packed

Latest EMUI 8.0 Update for HUAWEI Nova Lite, Nova 2 Plus and P10 Lite Users by Power-packed

Starting 27 June 2018, HUAWEI Nova Lite, Nova 2 Plus and also P10 lite users able to immerse in the much anticipated EMUI 8.0 update. Malaysia’s second largest smartphone brand, announced a new system update that enables customers to enjoy ultimate smartphone experience that is reflective of HUAWEI’s mobile engineering.
The team in HUAWEI has worked hard to materialise the EMUI 8.0 update for our Nova Lite, Nova 2 Plus and P10 lite users. Having established our version and take on artificial intelligence-led smartphone devices, coupled with our cutting-edge mobile engineering technology, our customers can truly enjoy the pinnacle of mobile performance at the tip of their fingers, said Bill Liu, Country Director, HUAWEI Malaysia Device Business Department.

The system update of EMUI 8.0 is able to predict one’s intentions, and provide recommendation to the functions you need. This way, users can enjoy a personalised smartphone experience and use the phone efficiently. For instance, the software will suggest users an eye comfort mode when the screen is too bright, helping to filter out blue light rays to relieve visual fatigue by turning the screen yellowish – a unique technology invented by HUAWEI.
“We have constantly engaged with our customers and continue to do so, understanding what their preferences are, balanced with our offering to capture their wants and needs. Customer centricity remains our key principle in everything we do, as we strive to create a more connected world,” continued Bill.
Latest EMUI 8.0 Update for HUAWEI Nova Lite, Nova 2 Plus and P10 Lite Users by Power-packed
Other interesting features include a navigation dock where users can place their home button and shortcut dock freely on the screen and it is set to function. The all-new EMUI 8.0 offers one-step shortcut where users can long press a selected mobile application such as ‘Gallery’ to launch a desktop shortcut on screen, for instance, ‘My Favourites’ and ‘Latest Photos’. 

Additionally, the system upgrade enables the feature of 3D panorama, where still images can be viewed in the 3D mode and appeared on the lock screen.

The EMUI 8.0 can allocate resources dynamically to offer more CPU and memory to the frequently used mobile applications. Based on the machine learning, the low memory management function actively rearranges memory space to reduce fragmentation, and helps compress memory to save more space for important mobile applications. 

The EMUI 8.0 update enables the devices to learn and adapt the user’s usage pattern through the ways of scrolling images in gallery, browsing contacts in address book or opening background running mobile applications – all of which will improve user experience over time