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Realme 2 Features

Realme 2 Features
Realme 2
Realme 2 Information & Features

1) Exquisite diamond appearance, more elaborate craftsmanship

2.5D Nanoscale Composite Material

  • Breaking the limit of traditional monotonous straight surfaces, the use of a unique design that delivers a diamond-sectional look and the combination of the nanoscale composite material, as well as the 2.5D glass-like material allows the rear cover to communicate the sense of deepened space. Place it under sunshine to experience capricious colours.
  • The inspiration of the design comes from the diamond cutting process. Unprocessed diamonds are lusterless. Only through precise angle designs and texture configurations can diamonds be unveiled to make full use of the nature of light and present rainbow-like ‘brilliance’ that flickers.

12-layer nanoscale plate laminate
  • Multi laminated layers that are harder, wear- and scratch- resistant
  • Optical coating, generating refractive luster like through a diamond section
  • Arc is added at the middle of the frame, presenting a thinner visual effect, and a better grip

2) Super-view notch full screen, new experience of free play

6.2-inch super-view notch full screen

  • The 88.8% screen-to-body ratio and 19:9 screen display are realised, which is ultra-high among peer products, by a more compact layout of the three major components – the receiver, front camera and light sensor, as well as a 2.05mm ultra-narrow bezel, and upgrading the dispensing process to further narrow the bezel by 16%.

Full-screen multitasking and free play experience

  • Supports start-up of apps quickly, such as Wechat, WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, and Line, from the side of the notch full screen without exiting your game or video when you play or watch in the full landscape mode. Also supports screen recording and screenshots, so that you will no longer miss important information or worry about affecting the game or video experiences.

3) High-capacity battery with ultra-long battery life

The Realme2 comes with 4230mAh.

Battery life

Calling 44 hours (normal network calls, not hands-free calls)
Music Playing - 18 hours (under Wi-Fi)
Video Playing - 15 hours (under Wi-Fi)
Game Playing - 10 hours (under Wi-Fi)
Surfing Internet -18 hours (under Wi-Fi, only browsing web while updating every 10 seconds)

4) ‘AI Power Manager’ core power saving principle: APP-freezing Power Saver, Quick

APP-freezing Power Saver

  • Smartly restricts apps running in the background to reduce overall power consumption and extend battery life. On average, this feature allows the applications to save power by 5%-11%. It can also be manually adjusted.

Quick App Freezing

  • AI Power Manager puts background apps in the quick-freezing folder to effectively cut off the frequent mutual wake-ups between apps to save power. Laboratory data: About 5% energy is saved per 24 hours compared to mobile phones without turning on the app-freezing function.

5) Free play of games, without sticking

Comes with Qualcomm 450 octa-core processor
  • The Qualcomm 450 octa-core processor, 14nm process, CPU clock speed of up to 1.8GHz, low power consumption and long battery life.
  • In addition, the 3GB RAM and 4GB RAM, ensures quick loading and smooth running of large games. Dual-core ISP, strong GPU, stronger image processing, guarantee smooth frame rate and eliminate stutters

Game Space
  • Automatically activated in the background after a game is loaded. 

One-tap Management
  • Users can collectively manage game apps in the Game Space.

Optimised System
  • Background network and resources allocation will be automatically limited when a game is detected to be running.

  • Blocks calls and banner notification from other apps, receives video and voice calls from apps as banners. During a game, the ‘small ear’ area of the notch full screen allows for quick screenshots and screen recordings. Users can also reply SMS in the format of a quick window.

The price of the Realme 2 starts at RM 599, and available on 24th November 2018 from retail outlets such as Vivid, Mobile to go, Seven mobile, DirectD and many more.

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