March 26, 2019

UOB Malaysia launches UOB GetBanker to enhance customers’ property buying experience

UOB GetBanker - SMEs to integrate the property financing process

United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd (UOB Malaysia) announced the launch of UOB GetBanker on the 21st March 2019. UOB GetBanker is a digitalises the property buying process, affirms the Bank’s commitment to harness technology to improve the customer experience.

UOB GetBanker is a mobile app that swiftly and securely matches prospective property buyers with the Bank’s team of mortgage specialists. 

By using the UOB GetBanker app, a property buyer or agent can search for a mortgage banker based on whether they are looking to purchase a residential or commercial property, the location and the price of the property. The buyer or agent, who will then be matched with a mortgage banker on the same day, can also rate the banker’s service thereafter and add this banker as a favourite banker for future reference.

The UOB GetBanker app will also help small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to integrate the property financing process into their existing business operations and to improve their access to bank financing for the acquisition of new properties.

Property agents, individual home buyers as well as commercial property buyers can download the UOB GetBanker app from Google Play and the Apple App Store

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