June 3, 2019

Samsung Knox safeguards - Samsung Galaxy S10

Your Personal Data remains secure with Samsung Galaxy S10

Our mobile devices keep us connected wherever we have from work, home or when we are on-the-go. With work and play blending together, important information and messages are exchanged daily on our mobile devices; this invites opportunities for unwanted malware or malicious threats to sensitive data such as emails, contacts, photos, videos and account information.

Trusted by businesses who trust no one.
It is vital to have a smartphone equipped with the highest-grade security that fits to our lifestyle. Samsung Knox safeguards your important data by offering a multi layered security, data encryption and data isolation. Other than the above, it can separate professional and personal space on the same device through a secure folder. This folder provides additional layer of security. 

Trusted by government, finance, healthcare and security agencies, the defense-grade Samsung Knox continuously strive to meet a wide range of certification requirements designed to protect public safety and consumer privacy. Together with the latest innovative feature of the in-display Ultrasonic Fingerprint Scanner in Samsung Galaxy S10, you will get a vault-like security with anti-spoofing features that only you can unlock and access your  phone securely. To know more about Samsung Galaxy S10, here.

For more information on Samsung Galaxy S10, visit https://www.samsung.com/my/smartphones/galaxy-s10/