March 26, 2020

Galaxy Z Flip: A Standout Device for Those Who Live to Stand Out

The smartphone with a foldable glass display, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s revolutionary form factor opens up a whole new world of mobile experiences, and gives you even more options to express yourself.

Compact and portable when folded, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip features an innovative freestop folding system that enables consumer to capture outstanding photos or videos – shoot selfies from various angles effortlessly and capture all your travel adventures without lugging around a tripod or relying on an unstable surface.  

From expressive video calls to dynamic selfies and videos, you can capture, connect, and share more with your phone, all hands-free. When fully opened, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s Infinity Flex Display, which features Samsung Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG), transforms seamlessly into an immersive multimedia hub so you can enjoy all the content you love with more space.

With its stunning prismatic finish, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is bold and playful in both its design and features. Check out the infographic at to learn more about the device.

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