May 25, 2020

Huawei MatePad Pro Tips and Tricks

It been awhile the Huawei MatePad Pro with #gainsinfo team. To read about Huawei MatePad Pro Reviews, here

We have discover few tips and tricks that is quite useful. 

Scientific Calculator (MyScript Calculator 2)

MyScript Calculator 2 is a built in application on the Huawei MatePad Pro. The MyScript Calculator 2 is an application that turns your device into an interactive piece of paper. Simply write a calculation and it gets you the result in real time.

Quick Instant Notes

One of the unique method using the M-Pensil with the Huawei MatePad Pro is the quick instant notes. What you need to do is just using M-Pensil and tap (2 times) on the Huawei MatePad Pro and the notes will be appear within seconds. 

Alternative Google Play Store

I feel that without google play store on Android is not really affected as Huawei is comes with AppGallery. If you feel AppGallery is not enough then you can download third party store just as Aptoide that you want is there.

Moreover, you also can download PUBG, Mobile Legends, on their official website. And also Huawei MatePad Pro this is a tablet, most of the web-based app works perfectly on the tablet without the need to install on it.

Desktop Mode

One of the best features that I really love is the desktop mode. Because with the desktop mode, you can perform tasks just like using your own laptop or desktop. With the combination of the Huawei Magnetic Keyboard can really make sure Huawei MatePad Pro just like a laptop. Not only that, flexible desktop mode allows multiple application

Attachable M-Pensil and Magnetic Keyboard

With the attractable M-Pensil and magnetic keyboard makes your Huawei MatePad Pro easier to bring any where. The most important is the Huawei MatePad Pro still look elegant with the M-Pensil and Magnetic Keyboard together.


If you are looking for a very capable tablet then the Huawei MatePad Pro is one of the best Android tablets you can buy today. The Huawei MatePad Pro is compact build, have a gorgeous display, and also give useful productivity features make the Huawei MatePad Pro stand out amidst all Android tablets sold in the market today. Get yourself a new Huawei MatePad Pro, here.