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Reviews - Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus boast a far longer battery life than the original Samsung Galaxy Buds. The Galaxy Buds Plus needed around withing 2 hours for fully charging and sustainable for 11hours , while the charging case provides an additional 11 hours, bringing the total battery life to 22 hours. I feel that this is nice to have the Galaxy Buds Plus with a larger internal battery.

The best about the audio department is the new dual-driver system that the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus use. There's now a woofer and a tweeter to expand the range of the earbuds and lead to an increase in overall clarity.

Not only that, by using the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and/or Samsung Wear app you can customize the sound of the earbuds (there's options for Soft, Dynamic, Clear, Treble and Bass Boost) but there's not a significant difference between them.

The good news? If you lose them, you can find them again pretty easily by going into the app and selecting 'Find My Earbuds'. As long as they're still charged, this will get the earbuds to play a chirping sound at increasing volume - which is pretty handy if you're the kind of person who takes out your earbuds and leaves them laying around the house. 

The Samsung Galaxy Bud Plus comes with 3 color - Blue, White and Black and now for only RM 599.00 and if you interested to have purchase it on their Samsung Official Website.