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6 Reasons To Consider Huawei MatePad

HUAWEI has recently unveiled its latest tablet, the HUAWEI MatePad which arrives on Malaysian soil on 9th September. Available in Midnight Grey and priced at only RM1,399, it comes with a complimentary keyboard and other amazing freebies worth up to RM500.
Experience Entertainment Like Never Before

Many of us prefer to watch our favourite Netflix series on a larger screen with extra pillows on the bed for a comfy night in or when you’re learning new dance moves on YouTube for your next performance. No matter when or how you choose to consume entertainment, you would need an innovative tablet that is able to give you all that you need. The new HUAWEI MatePad has got you covered! Delivering a premium audio experience, the HUAWEI MatePad supports Histen 6.0 to drive 3D stereo sound effects. Music and films sound more immersive than ever with the four high amplitude speakers, which feature an innovative design. And the sound by Harman Kardon reproduces even the most intricate sounds with impeccable clarity, to deliver a home theatre-like cinematic audio experience. 

Level-up Your Productivity

Do you sometimes get annoyed when you have to open and close tabs while you refer to multiple apps? Or maybe you need to jot down some notes on your tablet while also viewing texts from your colleagues. All these are made possible with the Multi-Window feature that empowers efficient multi-tasking. This feature allows two apps to be open concurrently, and the best part is, the apps can also interact with each other for maximum multi-tasking efficiency. Text messages can also be replied to via Floating Window, which creates an overlay on top of the active app, enabling users to perform simple tasks without exiting the current activity. 

And we are not kidding when we say this new HUAWEI MatePad will make your life smarter! Running on EMUI 10.1, it also comes with Multi-screen Collaboration that will let users connect their HUAWEI smartphone to the tablet and seamlessly use two devices at once on a single display. Calls and text messages on the smartphone can also be responded through the tablet. So, you don’t have to get off your bed anymore when enjoying your precious movie time just to reply your friend’s text while your HUAWEI smartphone charging in the living room. Talk about convenience! 

Party with Friends On-the-go?

We are all living in the new norm where social distancing is being practiced and video call is one of the many ways to keep in touch with our friends and family. But how can we make a video call more meaningful and fun? The HUAWEI MatePad comes with HUAWEI MeeTime, a native chat functionality that supports up to 1080p high quality video calling between two HUAWEI devices. Simply “MeeTime” your friends and turn on screen sharing to share thoughts on which dresses to buy together online. 

If you’re moving around the house multi-tasking while on MeeTime, the tablet has a new feature called FollowCam which leverages on the 8MP wide-angle front camera to detect moving subjects and intuitively adjusts the screen angle. No matter where you are, FollowCam will always make you the centre of the attention! So, even if you have to be apart from your friends or family, you can still use MeeTime to your benefit and have fun together! 

Unleash Your Creativity

Ever heard that creativity is intelligence having fun? It’s time to unleash your creativity using the HUAWEI MatePad. This tablet was made for creative souls as it comes with a keyboard and it can be used with HUAWEI M-Pencil  (which can be purchased separately) that will make it easy for you to jot down notes and capture spontaneous inspirations. The HUAWEI M-Pencil features 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, for writing subtle enough to have your finely-honed thoughts and inspirations justice. The pen tip can detect the force exerted by the user, producing lines of varied thickness. Best yet, the HUAWEI M-Pencil can also serve as a pen, painting brush, writing brush, or marker, depending on the need. It interacts with the drawing software to provide versatile use in different stylus modes. If you're an avid painter, the HUAWEI MatePad serves as a blank palette, where you can bring your artistic vision to life. 

Smarter Tools for A Better Future

The HUAWEI MatePad is fully equipped to let users learn and have fun anytime, anywhere. To provide a comfort experience, the new HUAWEI MatePad features an Eye Comfort mode that further reduces the blue light emissions of the display, as well as eBook mode to lessen eye fatigue if you read for an extended period on your tablet. When eBook mode is enabled, the screen will turn black and white to make it easier on your eyes. So, worry no more if you have to stay up late to prepare for your exams while straining your eyes, this feature will help minimise the discomfort and help you enjoy a comfortable reading experience. 

Not just that! It also come with Kids Corner that offer a safe and secure zone for children to learn and have fun with the tablet. Parental control options let parents easily manage the content and apps that are available to their children, as well as the time children can spend on the device. To promote healthy device use, the Kids Corner also includes eye protection modes like blue light filter, posture alerts, bumpy road alerts, brightness alerts, distance alerts and eBook mode to ensure children use the device appropriately.

More Rewards, More Fun!

What could be exciting than getting so many freebies when you purchase a new device! Yes, consumers who purchase the new HUAWEI MatePad will receive a complimentary keyboard and other amazing freebies worth up to RM500 . 

The freebies include the following items: 
  1. Keyboard
  2. HUAWEI Video for 3 months (The Explorers & Qello Concerts channel)
  3. HUAWEI Book (valid till 31st December 2020) 
  4. HUAWEI Member Center Rewards
  5. HUAWEI Cloud Storage 15GB for 12 months 
Now you can now own a HUAWEI MatePad for only RM1,399 plus, here.