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Featuring the latest DJI RS 2 and DJI RSC 2

DJI introducing the rebranded DJI RS 2 and DJI RSC 2 including redesigned and reimagined that offer the filmaking and the content creation community better extremely robust, versatile and aprofessional 3-axis camera gimbal.


DJI RS 2 is simple to set up,easy to operate, and highly customizable that allow filmmakers to adapt their system to their filming needs. 
DJI RS 2 also turns into a versatile tool that can be attached and used with other systems such as jibs, car attachments, and sliders. Two RSA ports double as NATO ports so that users can mount accessories and attachments such as grips and a remote controller.


DJI RSC 2 easy for creators to carry everywhere without adding additional weight to the gear list. Moreover, DJI RSC 2 remains lightweight and portable, featuring stronger motors to support a tested payload of up to 3 kg.

DJI RS 2 and RSC 2 expand on their predecessors’ suite of creative modes, movements, and features with tools to help capture content that stands out, including: 
  1. *New* Time Tunnel: The system performs a 360-degree roll while capturing a hyperlapse, adding a level of creativity to footage.
  2. Flashlight: The system tilts the camera all the way forward so users can grip the base like a flashlight. 
  3. One-Tap Portrait Mode: The gimbal quickly orients the camera into vertical shooting for professional-level social media content. 
  4. Panorama: After configuring sensor and focal length, choose a start and stop point for panoramas up to gigapixel size. 
  5. Roll 360: The gimbal enters into the Flashlight position and rolls the camera system 360 degrees. Timelapse: This classic feature shows subtle changes over durations of your choosing.
Availablity & Pricing

DJI RS 2 and DJI RSC 2 will be available in Malaysia on 22 October 2020. Each product offers purchase options for a standalone gimbal and a combination pack that includes additional accessories. 
The standalone DJI RS 2 is available for the retail price of RM 3,299, and the standalone DJI RSC 2 is available at the retail price of RM 1,699.

The DJI RS 2 Pro Combo (includes additional accessories such as a phone holder, Focus Motor, RavenEye Image Transmitter, dedicated carrying case, and more) is priced at RM 3,899, and the DJI RSC 2 Pro Combo is priced at RM 2,549.

Both DJI RS 2 or RSC 2 will be available to purchase at DJI Malaysia Flagship store, authorised dealers, and DJI Malaysia’s official store on e-commerce platforms such as Lazada and Shopee