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    NTV7 Golden Awards 2014 - Putrajaya International Convention Center

    It been awhile, I haven update anything yet. Recently, I have join the NTV7 Golden Awards 2014 at Putrajaya International Convention Center. Wow. I think this will be the biggest event that I never join. I never been live for this type of awards before. Most of the time is just in from of television. This event is held on 20th September 2014.

    NTV7 Golden Awards 2014 - Putrajaya International Convention Center
    This is my ticket of the NT7 Golden Awards 2014

    Maybe this is my lucky day because I get to win my this NTV7 Golden Awards 2014 tickets from On that day, I just go alone even thought I win a pair tickets. Actually I got ask my friend to join me but maybe she/he not free on that day. But this is not the main point, at least I did my best to ask. I hope that I able to date with you one day in future. *HAHAHA*

    NTV7 Golden Awards 2014 - Putrajaya International Convention Center
    Everyone is lining up for this NT7 Golden Awards 2014.

    It seems that a lot is joining this events. When I reach there around 6.30pm it already crowded. Most of the people is come here to support their idols. 

    NTV7 Golden Awards 2014 - Putrajaya International Convention Center
    It seem the convention centre going to full with peoples

    NTV7 Golden Awards 2014 - Putrajaya International Convention Center
    It seem like everyone is ready at their place already and guess what event going to start in 5minutes more.
     When I turn around, I saw a lot of people is ready to cheering for their idol. I manage to take a picture of that. Not only that, they keep screaming of their idols from time to time to show how much they supporting them. Of course I also join them too.

    NTV7 Golden Awards 2014 - Putrajaya International Convention Center
    It seem like their fans is ready to supporting their idols
    Maybe this is my lucky day, I manage to get a superstar picture. He is just right in front of me. I keep trying to take picture of them but a bit fail. I think is my photographing skill is not that good. A lot of the picture is not really clear. 

    NTV7 Golden Awards 2014 - Putrajaya International Convention Center
    Guess who is he?
    Here is all the result for the NTV7 Golden Awards.
    • Best TV Dramas最佳电视剧:香火
    • Best Actor最佳男主角:李洺中(香火)
    • Best Actress最佳女主角:吴天瑜(香火)
    • Best Supporting Actor最佳男配角:叶良财(香火)
    • Best Supporting Actress最佳女配角:杨雁雁(哈比全家福)
    • Best Newcomer最佳新晋演员:陈浩严(香火)
    • Best Telemovie最佳电视电影:夺命游戏2
    • Best Director最佳导演:郭福华(香火)
    • Best Original Screenplay最佳剧本:陈鈺莹(香火)
    • Best Drama Theme Song最佳电视剧主题曲:灰(香火)伍家辉          
    • Best TV Drama Montage最佳电视剧片头:一次就爱对2
    • Best Variety & Entertainment Programme最佳综艺娱乐节目:非常好歌
    • Besr Variety & Entertainment Programme Host最佳综艺娱乐节目主持人:杨雁雁(Aunty也疯狂2)       
    • Best News & Current Affairs Programme最佳时事节目:7视见:抢救苏丹街
    • Best News & Current Affairs Programme Presenter最佳时事节目主持人:徐嘉得(环球透视)   
    • Best Newcaster最佳新闻播报员:陈丽亭(ntv7晚间新闻)
    • Best Magazine Programme最佳杂志性节目:聆听世界
    • Best Magazine Programme Host最佳杂志性节目主持人:林佩盈(跨世纪)
    • Best Festive Programme最佳节庆特备:梦萦古都西安
    • Best Programme Montage最佳节目片头:启航

    • Most Popular Artiste (Male)五大最受欢迎男艺人:叶朝明、许亮宇、陈凯旋、陈浩严、梁金龙
    • Most Popular Artiste (Female)五大最受欢迎女艺人:吴天瑜、童冰玉、蔡佩璇、王淑君、秦雯彬
    • Most Popular TV Drama最受欢迎电视剧:无间行者
    • Golden Achievement Award金视辉煌成就奖:傅志坚
    I would like to thanks for providing me the source for the awards. This is because I'm not really able to read or write chinese.

    Not only that, if you want to see more picture of your idols for the NTV7 Golden Awards, here is your chance. The link below will directly bring you see all the idols that you wanted. 
    Before I end this post, I would like to congratulation to all artist that win the awards. Not only that, I think everyone that involving in the movies is the winner. "Everyone is the winner". I hope you all enjoy reading it and have a wonderful day.

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